Phoenix to Tombstone…Not Such A Long Way

There are many reasons to visit Tombstone and if you are from the Phoenix area a few of those include:

1. It may be only a short 3-4 hour drive however you will be able to experience a totally different lifestyle, pace and historical viewpoint.  The Tombstone area is closely surrounded by the Whetstone, Huachuca and Dragoon mountains, and the quiet pace of life in the valley of these ranges can be a welcome relief.  Take time to sit outside on a cool evening and watch the stars and bands of the Milky Way wheel past you overhead.  Go for a quiet stroll along the banks of the San Pedro and then grab lunch at one of the local eateries that feature both traditional and more exotic fare.  Speak to one of the local historians about why Tombstone was the center-point of much of the events in the historic “Wild West.”  Even if you have already visited the Tombstone area, expand your horizons by checking out the local wine scene or booking a wild off-road adventure up a mountain or far out into the sand.


2. The history of Arizona is often told through the eyes of those that observed it in Phoenix, Tucson and Tombstone.  Yes, there were plenty of other areas in play as the United States grew and flourished in the Southwest, however if you look at those pivotal events you will often be able to trace them back and forth from Phoenix to Tombstone.  Outlaws, politicians, celebrities, wandering prospectors and traveling entertainers all were part of the group that made the circuit between the western towns of the 1800’s and you can find pictures and references to many of them in Tombstone.  The local archive in the town is full of interesting photos and other historical documents that detail this rich history.


3. Ghost towns abound in the Tombstone area and whether you like to seek them out on your own or join up with a scheduled tour, all of them offer that tantalizing prospects of encountering something unknown.  Many of these abandoned villages are also full of local history and legend that make for a rewarding visit and long lasting memories.